International Wish Collection Project

International Wish Collection Project

The Pingxi Sky Lantern Festival stands out as one of Taiwan's most iconic Lantern Festival events, earning acclaim as one of the world's top 14 must-visit carnivals and the second-largest nighttime festival globally.It has also been listed among the 52 most captivating new experiences worldwide.

By launching the "International Wish Collection Project," we aim to gather wishes from across the globe. During the 2024 New Taipei City Pingxi Sky Lantern Festival, Pingxi Junior High School will assist in inscribing wishes on the lanterns and facilitating their release into the sky.

As the lanterns carry the collective wishes of people around the world, the scene of "hundreds of lanterns lifting off" is set to become a spectacular display captivating the world.

  • International Wishes Collection Scope: No restrictions, from anywhere around the world.
  • Collection Period: Commencing from January 16, 2024 (until full).
  • Announcement of List: Notification will be sent via email.
  • Assistance in Lantern Release: Lanterns will be released on February 17, 2024, at the Pingxi event venue.

l  Event Rules and Regulations:

I.            Participants can fill out the Google Form for registration:

II.         Uploaded content must be original. If quoting others' work, please provide proper attribution. In case of copyright concerns, the Organizer reserves the right to take content down and disqualify the participant. By completing the text submission, participants agree to grant the Organizer the right to publish it on lanterns and related web pages without compensation.

III.       Personal attacks, breaches of laws and regulations, harm to the physical and mental well-being of children or adolescents, disturbance of public order, and materials conflicting with good morals shall be prohibited. Additionally, commercial advertising services are prohibited. In the event of a violation deemed to be true by the Organizer, the content will not be published, and the participant will be disqualified.

IV.      Please provide accurate and truthful personal information for subsequent communication purposes. If false information is detected, the Organizer reserves the right to disqualify the participant.

V.    Please carefully read the Personal Data Consent Form. By filling out the form, you fully agree and acknowledge that this Consent Form complies with the Personal Data Protection Act and relevant regulations, and have granted written consent to the Organizer to collect, process, and use your personal information.

l  Note:

I.            Participants are required to comply with relevant copyright and intellectual property laws when submitting textual content for the event. Furthermore, participants must guarantee the legality of the uploaded content and assume responsibility for any associated damages. In the event of a breach of copyright, intellectual property rights, or any related legal obligations, the submitter shall be held solely liable, and the organizing entity bears no responsibility. The Organizer reserves the right to revoke publication privileges depending on the severity of the circumstances.

II.         Participants will receive separate notifications regarding publication and related authorization information. It is essential to provide accurate and truthful personal information when filling out the form. Failure to provide detailed and accurate information, leading to the Organizer's inability to contact the participant, will be considered a forfeiture of rights.

III.       Participants are required to sign an authorization consent form with the Organizer, granting permission for the Organizer to publish the content on web pages or for other related purposes without compensation.

l   Inquiries

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